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Getting together with family and friends to celebrate life is, quite frankly, what keeps most of us going; the memories of celebrations past and the anticipation of those to come. Weddings are the biggest celebrations and, as with any party, music can largely determine the mood. Bands like The Destination create unforgettable gatherings and let your guests know YOUR view on life: You only live once.

Weddings are the most important celebrations in our lives!


The Destination has made an art form of the private party. Being located in CNY, there are very few clubs that can afford a band this size so upscale private events soon became their gig. Since 1995 Joey J has been perfecting how to relate a band this powerful with each gathering they encounter. A Destination performance is an awesome experience but in the context of a wedding one would expect to trade off intimacy for excitement and lose the focus of the party to a high energy stage and throbbing dance floor. Nope.


Starting with the basics, the band's set up crew works with the room and the expected flow of the party. Always impressive production but a conscious effort is made to keep the layout within the scope of the rest of the affair. Next is the sound and volume, all tweaked before any of your guests arrive. The best on stage monitoring and off stage sound man keep the levels, well.....RIGHT. To physically and technically meld a power house like this with a room full of people who want to talk as well as dance is already quite an accomplishment. But there's much more to

The Destination's "Art of Party."


Customizing the band's play list, getting names and backgrounds, dedicating songs, and bringing up guests to sing backup are just a few ways that Joey J keeps the focus of the party moving. This shifting of attention is a key device amongst the best bands in the business. It is very easy for a band to be all about the show and entertain a crowd head-on but to make the crowd part of their show and move attention away from the band and back again is what separates a wedding reception from a night at the local club. Switching the musical flow to give one group a chance to grab a drink while another hits the floor is also very important at mixed age events.


Weddings are the most important celebrations in our lives and each person's own wedding only happens once (that's the plan). Jewelers, florists, limousine services, and a host of other vendors are very aggressive about how much you should spend on your big day but the most important element of an unforgettable event goes almost unrepresented. Most brides have never done this before and leave the music as one of the last things on their list.


One more time: All of the other elements combined, including the food, do not create the lasting memories of a good band. To know that you can have the top shelf show, NYC-quality sound of The Destination for a couple thousand dollars more than a so-so local band should make the choice obvious.

Your guests are worth it.   You're worth it.

The memories will be priceless.

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 Whether you are planning an event for your back yard, putting a band on the  landing and stairs in the Atrium at Cornell, throwing a campaign fundraiser in a repurposed hay barn, or having a wedding reception on the top floor of the Omni Parker House in Boston, attention to the details of the logistics is what will make it all run smoothly.


Logistics have nothing to do with flowers, tables cloths, or decorations. They are mostly the stuff you can’t see: making sure you have enough power, not only for the band’s PA and lights, but the tent lights and the coffee pots – providing  a solid, level stage with the correct configuration for the space – getting the band there on time with the itinerary laid out for seamless execution, etc.


 Joe has done most of his own production over the years and can provide a pretty good array of services, often making it unnecessary to hire and coordinate a separate list of vendors. We have partly taken on the role as event planner on many occasions, thereby keeping costs down and lightening the list of people to keep in the loop.            Whatever event you are thinking of or trying to flesh out, give Joe a call. If The Destination turns out to not be a good fit for your function, he will still be a valuable resource as you begin your planning and will more than likely be able to steer you toward some good alternatives.


The Band for Fundraisers, Colleges, Wineries

For The Destination and other band configurations to fit any occasion:


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